Inventory of Labour Market Policy Measures in the EU 2008-13

The second inventory analyses how member states of the European Union have responded to the dramatic impact of the financial crisis of 2007/08 on their labour markets, and investigates to what extent those policies were successful in mitigating that negative impact. It is the result of the collaboration between the ILO and the European Commission and was completed in December of 2015.

Labour Market Measures in Netherlands 2008–13: The Crisis and Beyond

How has the financial crisis affected employment in the Netherlands? What types of policy measures did the government implement to attenuate the impact of the crisis on the labour market during the period 2008-13? How were the social partners involved in developing solutions to overcome the difficulties faced by the labour market? This report provides answers to these complex questions by looking at the wide array of labour market policy measures put in place in response to the financial and economic crisis in the Netherlands. 1. Netherlands: Kea Tijdens, Maarten van Klaveren, Paul de Beer and Wiemer Salverda are researchers at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced labour Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. In comparison with other EU member states, the Netherlands seems to have weathered the crisis rather well; in 2013 the employment rate, at 74 per cent, was one of the highest in the EU, while the unemployment rate, at 6.9 per cent of the labour force, was considerably lower than the EU average of 10.7 per cent2. Section 1 of this report looks at how short-time work and labour laws regulating the employment relationship might have contributed to these positive outcomes. Section 2 analyses the income support available to jobseekers during the period 2008-13, and the conditionalities associated with this support. Section 3 provides an overview of wage trends, collective bargaining on wages, and minimum wage policy. Section 5 elaborates on the role of active labour market policies in supporting job search and improving job matching. Section 6 concludes the report.

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