Wiemer Salverda Research Fellow 2014-2015 at European Commission (DG ECFIN)

At the invitation of the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN) of the European Commission Wiemer Salverda has been awarded a (non-resident) Research Fellowship for the year 2014-2015. He will work on the subject of inequality, contributing a paper on Rich and poor: Macro implications of the trends in income and wealth distribution (see provisional set-up). The paper fits the encompassing theme of “Forward to a New Normal: Growth, integration and structural convergence reconsidered” of the Fellowship Initiative 2014-2015. The theme is split into three parts: 1. Medium-term growth perspectives, 2. The architecture of financial systems, and 3. European convergence and integration mechanisms. Salverda’s contribution will be part of the third theme, which asks how best to design policies fostering convergence, integration and social cohesion in response to the large country differences triggered by the crisis and accompanied by rising income and wealth inequalities. The contributions of the fellows are published in European Economy. Fellows also provide consultancy services in the form of regular interactions and discussions on the subject field with Commission staff. Fourteen fellowships have been awarded in total (see below).

The Initiative aims to strengthen ECFIN’s ties to academia and to the economic research community to stimulate analysis and economic policy debate on highly pertinent economic challenges. The ambition is to establish a forum to provide and discuss ideas and analyses in a relatively informal setting and feed a forward-looking debate on EU economic policies and governance. The new fellowships make up the second round of ECFIN’s Fellowships Initiative, after the first 2012-2013 Initiative turned out a success. Notably, Jelle Visser, emeritus Scientific Director of AIAS, was awarded a fellowship in the first round; his contribution concerned Wage bargaining Institutions – from crisis to crisis (http://ec.europa.eu/economy_finance/publications/economic_paper/2013/pdf/ecp488_en.pdf). Interestingly, Tony Atkinson – Wiemer Salverda’s co-author for top incomes in the Netherlands – also participated in the first round with a paper on Ensuring social inclusion in changing labour and capital markets (http://ec.europa.eu/economy_finance/publications/economic_paper/2013/pdf/ecp481_en.pdf).

Fellowships of the 2014-2015 Initiative

Andersen, Torben European convergence and integration mechanisms
Dabrowski, Marek Monetary union and fiscal and macroeconomic governance
Faia, Esther Banking Union and Beyond
Fratzscher, Marcel A Trinity for Europe’s success: Growth, integration and institutional reforms
Mathias Hoffmann Small business lending during the sovereign debt crisis
Reichlin, Lucrezia Debt and deleveraging process in the euro area
Roth, Felix Political Economy of EMU: rebuilding trust and popular support for economic integration
Salverda, Wiemer Of rich and poor: Macro implications of the trends in income and wealth distribution
Sapir, André Revisiting Economic Heterogeneity within EMU
Schmidt, Vivien Political Economy of EMU: Rebuilding trust and support for economic integration
Sorensen, Bent & Van Ark, Bart Risk sharing in the European Union. With a focus on banking integration and The Breakdown in the Relationship between Per Capita Income, Productivity and Labour Compensation Trends in EU Member States
Weder di Mauro, B. Strategies to erode the mountain of debt – and ensure it does not re-emerge
Wypłosz, Charles The centralization-decentralization issue
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