Nieuwe publicatie: "Innovatie and kwaliteit in dataverzameling via het Internet"

In: International Journal of Internet Science

By: Stephanie Steinmetz et al.


In light of the growing importance of web-based data in the social and behavioral sciences, WEBDATANET was established in 2011 as a COST Action (IS 1004) to create a multidisciplinary network of web-based data collection experts: (web) survey methodologists, psychologists, sociologists, linguists, economists, Internet scientists, media and public opinion researchers. The aim was to accumulate and synthesize knowledge regarding methodological issues of web-based data collection (surveys, experiments, tests, non-reactive data, and mobile Internet research), and foster its scientific usage in a broader community.
In the last three years WEBDATANET has grown into a multidisciplinary European network, which brings together more than 190 leading web-based data collection experts, from 30 countries of the European Union and abroad. Through its activities (conferences, workshops, training schools and short-term scientific missions) it has established a unique research forum, which contributes to the theoretical and empirical foundations of web-based data collection and enhances the integrity and legitimacy of these new forms of data collection. WEBDATANET has fostered the development of innovative research agendas and the drafting of cross-national research proposals. The network has also actively promoted the use of web-based data by supplying web-based teaching and discussion platforms and research exchanges.

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