New article on flexicurity and the crisis

Luigi Burroni and Maarten Keune published an article on flexicurity and the crisis in a special issue of Politiques Sociales. The article first outlines the main conceptual weaknesses of the flexicurity approach: its ambiguity, its erroneous belief in win-win solutions, its failure to problematize the creation and maintenance of institutional complementarities, and its reductionist view on the sources of flexibility and security. It then examines how the present crisis has accentuated these weaknesses and has brought them to the fore. Finally it outline two proposals to improve the flexicurity approach.

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Burroni, L. and M. Keune (2012) ‘Les faiblesses de la flexicurité et la crise financière, Les politiques sociales, 3&4/2012: 27-38.

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