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AIAS is moving on!

In April this year Maarten Keune and I have taken over the management of AIAS from Wiemer Salverda, who has reached the age of 65. Maarten and I hope to be able to continue the successful research and educational programmes that AIAS is renowned for both within and outside of academia.

As an interdisciplinary institute, in which the faculties of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Economics and Business and Medicine cooperate, AIAS studies quite varied societal phenomena and problems, using insights from various scientific disciplines. As usual, this Newsletter, which is published twice a year, gives an overview of completed, ongoing and new research programmes. One example of this is the cross-national GINI project, which is co-ordinated by Wiemer Salverda. This research project, funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme, focuses on the societal impact of growing income inequalities in 29 countries. This Newsletter gives an overview of a number of discussion papers that have been published recently as part of the GINI project. AIAS researchers also contribute regularly to international research programmes co-ordinated by scientific institutes abroad. Often, this takes the form of a country study, which is incorporated in an overall report or book. To make these country reports available for a larger audience, AIAS has just started a new working paper series, ‘Labour markets and industrial relations in the Netherlands’, in which these reports on the Netherlands are collected.
Besides research, AIAS is also involved in interdisciplinary educational programmes. On the one hand, several AIAS staff members participate in the regular education of the faculties. On the other hand, AIAS has its own post-academic educational programme for professionals. In 2011 we started with a cycle of four short courses or ‘leergangen’, which focus on HRM, labour market developments, inequality and solidarity, and industrial relations, respectively. These courses are followed by professionals from companies, trade unions, the government, etc. AIAS also organizes a PhD lab for so-called external PhD candidates, who are guided in the writing of their first scientific paper. Next year, we will start a professional course for trainers of works councils.
Apart from research and education, AIAS organizes seminars and conferences. The highlight of each year is the AIAS annual conference, which was organized on September 26 and was attended by over one hundred participants. This Newsletter gives an impression of the conference and also includes an interview with one of the keynote speakers, Professor Peter Edelman of Georgetown University, Washington, DC. In 2013, AIAS will also organize the 10th European Conference of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA). The call for papers for this conference can be found in this issue. Last but not least, I would like to draw attention to the bi-weekly lunch seminars on Thursday, which give both AIAS staff and researchers from other universities the opportunity to present and discuss recent research.
I would like to thank Wiemer Salverda very much for the way that he has led AIAS in the past decade. Maarten Keune and I hope that AIAS will continue to be an outstanding institute for interdisciplinary research and education in the next decade!

Paul de Beer
Editor AIAS newsletter & Co-director AIAS

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