Wiemer Salverda appointed to special chair of Labour Market and Inequality at AMCIS

Dr Wiemer Salverda will occupy the new chair, established by the Stichting Politieke Ekonomie, at the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies AMCIS of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam. Therewith he will be affiliated to the programme group “Institutions, Inequalities and Internationalisation” of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research.

Wiemer Salverda is a macroeconomic labour economist with a broad social interest who has extensively studied distributional issues of employment, wages, and income, and is also an experienced organiser of research.
He is the Director of the university’s interdisciplinary Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies AIAS of the University of Amsterdam. He coordinates the international research project Growing Inequalities’ Impacts GINI (2010–2013). Previously he initiated and coordinated the European Low-wage Employment Research Network LoWER from inception to expiry (1995–2008). He chairs the Governing Council of the EQUALSOC Network of Excellence. He was an active joint coordinator of the Russell Sage Foundation’s Low-wage Work in Europe project, led by Nobel Laureate Robert Solow. Wiemer took part in the international cooperation of researchers, led by Atkinson & Piketty, who established the new stylised facts of Top Incomes over the Twentieth Century. Recently, he participated in ILO/EU Expert Working Groups on the minimum wage, and on inequalities and the current crisis. Earlier, he coordinated the Demand Patterns and Employment Growth and the Benchmarking Low-wage and High-wage Employment international research projects. He was also a member of various EU Expert Working Groups on social partners and Europe, and on low pay respectively, and a rapporteur on wages and employment to the EU/OECD. He advised the OECD on wage inequality and on older workers in the Netherlands, and the British Low Pay Commission on the minimum wage.

Wiemer Salverda is the lead editor of the Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality comprising 26 different takes on inequality by the world’s top-ranking authors. He co-edited Low-wage Work in the Netherlands (Russell Sage, 2008)) and Employment and Services – Explaining the U.S. – European Gap (Princeton, 2007) and various other books. He (co)edited several journal issues – the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, The Manchester School, Labour, Oxford Economic Papers, and the International Journal of Manpower – dedicated to issues of training, skill, gender and job insecurity at the lower end of the labour market.

Wiemer’s research agenda on inequalities will be reinforced by the new professorship. His interests concern wage inequality and low pay in a broad setting (including the role of employers, consumer demand and institutions), wage formation including the minimum wage, pay inequalities such as between the private and public sector, the household dimension of employment and incomes, the youth labour market, labour-market policies, the effects of part-time employment, education and work, the workings of the Dutch ‘Polder model’, top incomes, income inequality, and ageing and pensions.
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