Nieuwe gast: Aidan Regan 1 maart - 27 mei 2011

College of Human Sciences, University College Dublin

1 March – 27 May 2011

The purpose of his stay is to continue work on his PhD research project. The PhD is examining the politics of social-wage pacts in the context of the EMU, using a diachronic case study on the construction of ‘Irish (neo) liberal corporatism’. It attempts to answer the specific question why, and under what conditions, government negotiate centralised wage agreements via social pacts with organised labour in liberal market economies.

Given the association with the FP7 GINI project he hopes to produce a working paper on the relationship between centralised wage agreements, social pacts and earnings distribution. One specific question is whether social-wage pacts are framed to reduce earnings (and income) inequality. If not, what does this say about the contemporary relationship between trade unions and the politics of distribution? Furthermore, given that he is examining the conditions under which ‘corporatism’ is constructed one further possibility is to examine the variation between the Irish and Dutch case in the negotiation and policy outcome of social pacts.

At AIAS he can be found in room 3.16.

Contact details
Aidan Regan
College of Human Sciences
University College Dublin
Dublin 4
Tel: +353 716 8619

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