AIAS gast: Despina Alexiadou

University of Pittsburgh

17 – 21 January 2011

Despina Alexiadou is an assistant professor at the university of Pittsburgh and is writing a book on the role of ministers in social and economic policy.

Her central hypothesis is that the minister’s profile and personal policy preferences matter in policy outcomes in coalition governments. To test her hypotheses, she has collected biographical data of the ministers of Social Affairs, Labour, Health, Economics, Finance and the Prime ministers in nineteen parliamentary democracies.
In addition, she also has country case studies and one of them is the Netherlands.
She will try to interview policy-makers to illustrate and further substantiate the argument. One of the critical questions for the argument, for which there is no information in printed sources, is why the specific ministers are chosen in the first place.

At AIAS she can be found in room 3.16.

Contact details

Despina Alexiadou, PhD.
Assistant professor,
Department of Political Science,
University of Pittsburgh,
4600 Wesley W. Posvar Hall,
Pittsburgh, PA 15260,
Tel: 412-648-7265,
Fax: 412-648-7277

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