Helen Kopnina teaches at University in India

Helen Kopnina received an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (EU sponsored academic exchange programme) to spend the month of August teaching and doing research at the University of Jadavpur, in Calcutta, India. She will be affiliated with the International Relations Faculty and will teach a course on Global Politics with special focus on Environmental Politics. The subject of environment and health in international perspective has always interested Helen. Having recently completed the manuscript ‘Health and Environment: Social Science Perspectives’ (to be published by Nova Science Publishers in January 2010) she felt the need to expand her knowledge by venturing into a research within the country where environmental and health debates often occupy the foreground of political agenda. As the only anthropologist at AIAS, Helen has obtained her PhD in urban migration studies but often dreamed of the more ‘traditional’ places of ethnographic inquiry, India being her first choice.

Helen hopes to come back full of new energy and experiences, having taught students who are perhaps very different from the ones encountered here, and doing research on the subject that is both challenging and unique. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship offers Helen a chance to develop both professionally and personally and to complement her current research and teaching skills by a truly international experience.

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