Nieuwe publicatie: Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality

‘Inequality is increasing felt as an essential dimension of modern economies as people are differently affected by the strong restructuring caused by accelerating technical change and globalization, and by shocks with increasing amplitude. This volume covers the field of inequality with remarkable exhaustivity, analytical clarity and intellectual honesty. It is a must for all those who want to gain a clear understanding of the extent, meaning causes and consequences of changes in economic inequality.’

François Bourguignon, Director, Paris School of Economics & Chief Economist and Vice President World Bank 2003-2007


Anders Björklund, Francine D. Blau, Andrea Brandolini, Richard V. Burkhauser, Gary Burtless, Daniele Checchi, Kenneth A. Couch, James B. Davies, Gøsta Esping-Andersen, Francisco H.G. Ferreira, Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Nancy Folbre, Richard B. Freeman, The Late Andrew Glyn, Mary B. Gregory, Markus Jäntti, Christopher Jencks, Stephen Jenkins, Martin Kahanec, Lawrence M. Kahn, Julia Lane, Andrew Leigh, Claudio Lucifora, Stephen Machin, Ive Marx, Nolan McCarty, John Myles, Brian Nolan, Jonas Pontusson, Martin Ravallion, John E. Roemer, Wiemer Salverda, Timothy M. Smeeding, Philippe van Kerm, Bernard van Praag, Jelle Visser, Sarah Voitchovsky, and Klaus F. Zimmermann.

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