LABOUR, Special Issue "Training and Job Insecurity"

The first of three journal issues containing results of the LoWER network, LABOUR Vol. 23 (March 2009) was just made available at the website of the journal
On the basis of the LoWER workshop of the same name (Berlin School of Economics, March 2008) the organisers: Thomas Zwick, Antje Mertens and Wiemer Salverda edited a special issue. It contains eight contributions on
- training and low-pay mobility in UK and Netherlands (Pavlopoulos/Muffels/Vermunt),
- part-timers’ investment in human capital (Nelen/De Grip),
- early retirement and training of older workers (Fouarge/Schils),
- PISA and transition into the labour market (Bertschy/Cattaneo/Wolter),
- training, job satisfaction and workplace performance (Jones/Jones/Latreille/Sloane),
- workers’ perceptions of job insecurity (Bryson/Cappellari/Lucifora),
- returns of education during the Irish boom (McGuinness/McGinnity/O’Connell), and
- low pay, education and on-the-job training (Blázquez/Salverda).

In near future a special issue on gender will be published by Oxford Economic Papers, while preparations for a special issue of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy are entering their final stage.

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