Gezocht: ISHSS Studenten

Want to earn €250?

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced labour Studies (AIAS) of the University of Amsterdam is looking for ISHSS students to help us out with our research. We would like to interview foreign students about the labour market in their home countries, and also help us to produce an online survey questionnaire about labour market issues which is suitable for local use. This will probably be around 2 days work, which we’re happy for you to fit around your studies and complete at a time convenient to you.

In 2009, we are seeking students from the following countries:

Africa Asia Russia &
Americas Europe
Angola China Armenia Chile Austria
Botswana India (Hindi speakers please) Azerbaijan Colombia Bulgaria
Mozambique Indonesia Belarus Guatemala Denmark
Malawi South Korea Georgia Mexico Hungary
Namibia   Kazakhstan Paraguay Italy
South Africa   Kyrgyzstan   Poland
Zambia   Russia   Portugal
Zimbabwe   Tajikistan   Norway
    Turkmenistan   Romania
    Ukraine   Slovenia
    Uzbekistan   Spain
    (For these countries,
fluency in both Russian
and the local language
is required)

Interested? Please contact Melanie Williams at

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