Publikatie in de Finse top journal Yhteiskuntapolitiikka

(Sociaal Beleid)

Van Gerven, Minna (2008) Winners and losers of social policy reforms in Europe (sosiaalipoliittisten reformien voittajat ja haviajat). Yhteiskuntapolitiikka, No. 73, vol. 6, p. 595-608

English summary (article in Finnish):

The last 26 years have commonly meant curtailing of the social rights for social security benefit recipients. Overall in Europe, measures have been implemented that have cut the level of the cash transfers, tightened the conditions related to the benefit award, and introduced stronger obligations (and sanctions) to the people claiming benefit or receiving them. Less often observed is, however, that the implemented reforms do not always affect all similarly. Based on detailed qualitative data on unemployment insurance benefit reforms, the articles describes the reforms enacted in three European countries (Britain, the Netherlands, and Finland) between 1980 and 2006. Deriving from the changes implemented to the social security rights and conditions in these countries, the paper then explores how the welfare rights have been changed for different groups (for instance for young, older, and long-term unemployed) and whether winners and losers can be distinguished among the unemployment benefit recipients? The results of the conducted research, analysed in the light of deserviness theories Coughlin 1980), contribute to a better understanding of welfare state change and sheds light on to the basic question of social security of who gets what and why?

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