New ETUI book: Privatisation and liberalisation of public services in Europe

An analysis of economic and labour market impacts

Both Marc van der Meer and Heejung Chung have contributed.

Publisher ETUI
ISBN 978-2-87452-135-5
Price Eur 25
Editors Maarten Keune, Janine Leschke and Andrew Watt

The liberalisation and privatisation of public sector activities have been the subject of heated debate since the 1970s. The chapters in this volume contribute to this debate by analysing the effects of liberalisation and privatisation on productivity and service provision, employment, wages and working conditions in a number of European countries. The focus is on the service sector, which has been the main source of employment growth in recent years.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Liberalisation, privatisation and the labour market. Maarten Keune, Janine Leschke and Andrew Watt
  • Privatisation and liberalisation of public services in Germany: the postal and hospital sectors. Torsten Brandt and Thorsten Schulten
  • Marketisation in Swedish electricity and postal services. Christer Thörnqvist
  • Privatisation in water and health services in the UK. David Hall
  • Implications of privatisation and marketisation in Lithuania – telecommunications and transport. Valdone Darskuviene
  • Liberalisation, privatisation and employment conditions – the evidence of public utilities, public transport and home care in the Netherlands. Marc van der Meer
  • Liberalisation and privatisation of public services and the impact on employment, working conditions and labour relations. Christoph Hermann and Roland Atzmüller
  • Precarious employment in the public and private services sector: comparing developments in the UK and Germany. Janine Leschke and Maarten Keune
  • Public sector pay gaps and skill levels: a cross-country comparison. Paolo Ghinetti and Claudio Lucifora
  • Public and private employment and the gender wage gap in eight European countries. Dominique Meurs and Sophie Ponthieux
  • Provision of work-life balance arrangements in European companies: public vs private. Heejung Chung
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