AIAS Lunch Seminar 28 januari Wim Eshuis - University of Amsterdam & de Burcht

‘Workers compensation and prevention’

Wim Eshuis

Day: Thursday 28 January 2016
Time: 12.00 (instead of 12.15 hrs) – 13.00 hrs.
Location: AIAS, 4th floor Gijsbert van Tienhoven building, room 4.09, Roeterstraat 31, 1018 WB Amsterdam
Registration: Please send an email, preferably before Wednesday 27 January, 12.00 hrs. to register.
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In most European countries one or more systems of workers’ compensation- any preempted way of compensating damages of employees (or his relatives) caused by workplace accidents or occupational diseases- are used to provide workers (extra) compensation for (extra) damage caused by work related damage.
In 1967 the Netherlands replaced the system of workers’ compensation (“de Ongevallenwet”) for a general compensation for illness and invalidity, the WAO.
From 1980 on different workers’ compensation systems came to development again. At this moment- almost 50 years after the introduction of the general compensation system and the abolishment of workers’ compensation- each year more than 4000 workers make use of at least one of the five different systems of workers’ compensation that are available in the Netherlands. In this introduction Dr. Wim Eshuis will give an overview of several (dis) advantages of the present situation on workers’ compensation in the Netherlands. He will also present some proposals for the future of workers’ compensation in the Netherlands and will pay attention to future research.
Since 2006 Dr. Wim Eshuis (AIAS/UvA and de Burcht; dissertation ‘Werknemerscompensatie in de steigers’ 2013) studies various workers’ compensation systems in the Netherlands and Europe (through socio-legal analysis, questionnaire survey and case studies) and the situation of occupational disease and accident victims (through interviewing, case studies and analysis of these victims’ individual medical and work history).


Wim Eshuis

March 2006 Wim joined the Hugo Sinzheimer research Institute for labour and law (University of Amsterdam). He participated in the research project ´Compensation and Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases´. In 2013 this results in a dissertation about workerscompensation and prevention of occupational diseases and occupational accidents in organizations (“Workerscompensation under construction”; Title in Dutch: Werknemerscompensatie in de steigers).

In the period 2000- 2006 he was involved in the development of a bureau for occupational diseases. This bureau, linked with the FNV, the federation of Dutch trade unions, supports victims of all kinds of occupational diseases in claiming compensation. In 2003 he was a delegate to the ILO expert meeting concerning convention 121. Prior to this (1980-2000) he was involved in the field of prevention as a researcher, trainer and as a policy officer. During this period he gave special attention to topics as technology and the development of working skills, stress on workplace and the effect on burnout, the prevention of accidents on the workplace, and the prevention of exposure to organic solvents. In the 90´s he was, as a member of OH&Scommittees of the European and International Federation of Building and Woodworkers, involved in the implementation of the EC directive on health and safety in mobile sites.

Wim holds a degree in social sciences (andragologie) from the RUG (Rijks Universiteit Groningen), The Netherlands.

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Getting Welfare to Work (Oxford University Press), book from Mark Considine, Jenny M. Lewis, Siobhan O’Sullivan, and Els Sol (Ed.)
Els Sol
University of Amsterdam & AIAS

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