Interview, photos and more of Sir Tony Atkinson, AIAS conference 9 September 2015

Overcoming Inequality: What to do, Why and How?

AIAS Special Annual Conference, Wednesday 9 September 2015, Industrieele Groote Club, Amsterdam

Interview by Me Judice, 18 September 2015


AIAS Annual Conference 2015

© Photographer: Hans Tak

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Article ‘de Volkskrant’. By: Jonathan Witteman 19 September 2015, 02:00


Sir Tony Atkinson (Nuffield College Oxford, LSE) will present his views on his new book Inequality: What can be done? (Harvard UP) in the core lecture of the conference.

Harvard UP

Sir Tony Atkinson

Nobel Laureates Robert Solow and Paul Krugman extensively discuss Atkinson’s book click here

Discussants from three scientific disciplines will comment on his views and his recommendations on what to do in three different fields.

In the Dutch-language part of the programme after the break two one-to-one discussions will address structural reform in the Netherlands in two fields:

  • Taxation and inequality
  • Labour market and distribution of market incomes.


12:30 Registration and light lunch
English speaking part: Presentation by and discussion with Atkinson
13:15 Welcome, director AIAS
13:20 Introduction to Atkinson, prof. Wiemer Salverda (AIAS/AMCIS)
13:25 Sir Tony Atkinson: What to do about inequality?
13:55 Scientific comments on Atkinson’s proposals:
* prof. Ingrid Robeyns (Philosophy, Utrecht): Social security
* prof. Irene van Staveren (Pluralist Economics, Rotterdam): Market incomes, including top pay in enterprise
* prof. Bas Jacobs (Public finance, Rotterdam): Taxation, inequality and low incomes in the labour market
14:40 Response to the three comments by Atkinson, debate with the audience
15:15 Break
Nederlandstalig gedeelte: Twee ‘kemphaanrondes’, ieder spreekt 10-15 min., daarna reacties op elkaar, en dan debat met de zaal:
15:45 1. Belastingen & ongelijkheid: Tuur Elzinga (Eerste Kamer/SP) vs Allard Bruinshoofd (VVD-Telderstichting/Rabobank)
16:25 2. Arbeidsmarkt en het gelijker maken van de primaire verdeling: Hans van der Steen (AWVN) vs Joosje de Lang (FNV)
17:05 Closure and drinks
18:00 End of programme


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