AIAS Lunch Seminar 18 september - Emil Mihaylov / LEI Wageningen UR (University & Research Centre), PhD student University of Amsterdam (UvA),Department of Economics)

‘Routine task-intensity of occupations: Comparing task performance of 427 occupations across 13 countries’

Emil Milhaylov

Day: Thursday 18 September 2014
Time: 12.15 – 13.15 hrs.
Location: AIAS, 2nd floor, G building, Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, Amsterdam
Registration: Please send an email, preferably before Wednesday 17 September, 12.00 hrs, to register.
A sandwich will then be provided.


In the last ten years the task-based approach has received a great deal of attention in the economic literature. This approach views occupations as a bundle of tasks and predicts that occupations will have differential rewards and employment chances in the labour market depending on their degree of routinization. The task approach has proved to be a valuable tool for analysing observed labour market outcomes such as job polarization and wage inequality. The current paper contributes to existing literature in three significant ways. First, using newly available and uniquely rich task data, the paper offers an innovative measure of routine-task-intensity by occupations. Our routinization measure is distinctive from previous indexes in that it utilizes information on the frequency of performance of 3,237 tasks in 427 occupations in 13 countries. Second, the cross-country component of the data allows us to examine to what extend routine-task-intensity of occupations varies between countries, and if this variation can be attributed to personal, firm and industry characteristics. Finally, the paper assesses the validity of our routine-task-intensity measure by comparing it with alternative routinization measures that are generally accepted and widely used in the literature (Autor and Handel, 2013; Autor and Dorn, 2013).

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