AIAS Lunch Seminar 21 oktober Marieke Beentjes - AIAS

Integrate to integrate


In this paper we aim to describe and explain the changes in the PES, notably the development toward one stop offices with more or less integrated services for work and income. Although part of a general tendency towards further integration of employment services (ES), unemployment insurance (UI) and social assistance (SA), we will see that different countries have opted for different solutions and that the mode and intensity of integration varies. Our question, then, is how to explain this variation. For this we seek to make use of theories of institutional change in which the timing and sequence of changes, and earlier choices, influence later patterns (Ebbinghaus, 2005; Pierson, 2004). We try to explain the cross-national variation in institutional solutions by testing two theories of institutional change, one proposing a process of policy learning and diffusion, the other favouring a process of path dependency and sequencing.

Dag: Donderdag 21 oktober
Tijd: 12.15 – 13.15 uur.
Locatie: AIAS, 3e verdieping gebouw M, Plantage Muidergracht 12
Inschrijven: Stuur ons een e-mail vóór woensdag 20 oktober 12.00.
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