AIAS Lunch Seminar 23 september Danny de Vries - AISSR & AIAS

Mapping the Human Resources for Health Crisus Using the WageIndicator Websurvey


In many countries, the collection and strategic usage of Human Resources for Health (HRH) information is challenging. A small diversity of HRH sources is available, such as include population censuses and surveys, facility assessments, and routine administrative records. However, most available data sources have shortcomings (Dal Poz et al., 2009). As countries lack systems for collecting, processing, and disseminating comprehensive timely information on their health workforce, alternative solutions able to collect data are in need of exploration. One such solution enabled by the global rise in information technologies is the use of websurveys which use enticements to pull respondents to websites which collect information. This presentation will evaluate use data from the WageIndicator project as a data source and tool to measure and monitor the health workforce’s capacity with the potential of providing innovative measures of health workforce supply-demand dynamics and wage levels. The paper presented will provide an overview of the questionnaire design, sampling population characteristics, and a number of general HRH results based on a 2008 and 2009 data sample. Data from 31 of the 42 countries hosting WageIndicator survey information were pooled, including information from 71788 respondents working in the health field. Results were mapped out using GIS. The data and maps show significant trends including the aging of the health workforce, the relative unhealthy conditions of clinical occupations, the low wages of health informatics staff, the well paid places of U.S./U.K. but also India, and the high job satisfaction in Mozambique. Such trends provide insightful starting points for further investigation.

Dag: Donderdag 23 september
Tijd: 12.15 – 13.15 uur.
Locatie: AIAS, 3e verdieping gebouw M, Plantage Muidergracht 12
Inschrijven: Stuur ons een e-mail vóór woensdag 22 september 12.00.
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