AIAS Lunch seminar 12 februari Marloes de Graaf-Zijl

‘The relationship between job satisfaction and contingent-employment’


Using longitudinal data from the 1995-2002 Dutch social-economic panel we analyse job satisfaction as an aggregate of satisfaction with several job aspects, with special focus on the influence of contingent-employment contracts. We investigate four work arrangements: regular, fixed-term, on-call and temporary agency work. Our results indicate that temporary agency work is the only contingent employment relation that is associated with lower job satisfaction compared to regular workers. Decomposition of this gap indicates that the major part is due to the low satisfaction experienced by agency workers regarding the content of their jobs. A lack of job security is also responsible for part of the gap. For fixed-term and on-call workers the negative satisfaction effect originating from the lack of job security and lower wages is compensated by other job aspects and a variant relationship between total job satisfaction and its components.

Dag: Donderdag 12 februari
Tijd: 12.15 – 13.15 uur.
Locatie: AIAS, 3e verdieping gebouw M, Plantage Muidergracht 12
Inschrijven: Stuur ons a.u.b. een e-mail voor 11 februari, 12.00 uur.
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