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Interdisciplinary workshop: Low Pay, Low Skill, and Low Income (LOPSI)

Università Cattolica, Milan, June 26 – 27, 2009

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Keynote Speakers

  • David Autor (MIT)
  • Janet C. Gornick (City University of New York)
  • Gosta Esping-Andersen (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) TBC

Workshop Themes

The EQUALSOC Network of Excellence and CRELI, at the Università Cattolica (Milan), are jointly organising a Workshop on “Low Pay, Low Skill, and Low Income”. It elaborates on the experience of the European Low-wage Employment Research network LoWER.
The objective of the Workshop is to contribute a better understanding of the functioning of labour markets at the lower end of the wage distribution (i.e. low-wage employment), bringing together different disciplines: economics, sociology, political science; and different angles: employment, education, households, family formation, and incomes. The Workshop aspires to look beyond the aggregates or averages of the low paid as a whole into the distribution below the low-pay threshold and its dynamics. Also, taking stock of perspectives beyond low pay, e.g. scrutinising if the middle of the earnings distribution is emptying out – as discussed with significant concern in the public debate in many European countries -, and what implications that may have for job careers out of low pay as well as for the prospects of human capital investment more generally. Various topics within this wide ambit are suggested below.

The Workshop intends to bring together researchers, policy makers, and others interested in the theme. The call is aimed at current research from European countries as well as the US and intends to enable presentations and discussions of recent results in the related fields. We welcome submission of full draft papers on the wide range of issues indicated below or other topics relevant to the angles on low pay that are mentioned above. A selected number of papers will be published in a special issue of a Journal (still to be defined). Contributors to the programme will be invited to submit their papers for publication.

Submission deadline

Submissions in PDF should be sent to Wiemer Salverda (W.Salverda@uva.nl) and Claudio Lucifora (claudio.lucifora@unicatt.it) by 28th February 2009. Notification about acceptance will be given by the 30th of March 2009. Full papers should be sent before 30th of May 2009.

Indicative topics for papers

The list is explicitly meant as a non-limiting indication of options for paper submissions. We particularly welcome cross-cutting and/or cross-country contributions.

  • Taxation and benefits (evolution of marginal rates by income), (the depth of) poverty, the effect of the minimum wage
  • Effects on human capital, the role of students in low pay – in relation to e.g. parents households and government grants
  • Geographical spread of small low-paid jobs in relation to adult female employment as second income in households, the over-qualification of women to these jobs
  • The relation to productivity in the economy, the role of employer behaviour and competitive conditions in the low-wage labour market for low-skilled working careers
  • The effect of employment flows and “entry jobs” on the extent of earnings inequality
  • Intra-generational inequality: worklessness among households and level of education
  • Inter-generational inequality: transmission of labour market earnings and household income inequalities across generations
  • Women’s changing role on the labour market: the challenge of gender and skills
  • Is women’s employment hurting low-skill men?
  • The female trade-off between educational qualifications, working time, commuting, household work, and type and level of the job

Fee and Registration

Participation fee (meetings, access to papers, lunches and workshop dinner): € 180 (€ 90 for PhD students and free for members of EQUALSOC). Registration at www.euqalsoc.org/190 (soon).

Conference organisers

Wiemer Salverda (AIAS, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies of the University of Amsterdam) and Claudio Lucifora (CRELI, Università Cattolica Milan).
Local committee
Claudio Lucifora, Lorenzo Cappellari, Elena Cottini and Stefania Senno (CRELI, Università Cattolica Milan).
More info about
the LOPSI-workshop website at www.unicatt.it/LOPSI (soon)
the EQUALSOC Network of Excellence at www.equalsoc.org
the LoWER network at www.uva-aias.net/lower


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