AIAS Lunch Seminar Annette Scherpenzeel - 20 november 2008

Annette Scherpenzeel (Tilburg University) will give a seminar in our AIAS lunch seminar series, with the title:

Cost-free data and data collection for researchers

The CentERdata research institute in Tilburg, the Netherlands, has set up a new Internet panel: the LISS panel (Langlopende Internet Studies voor de Sociale wetenschappen, or Long-term Internet Studies for the Social Sciences). This panel consists of almost 8000 individuals that complete online questionnaires every month.

The panel has been in full operation since October 2007, and the first data are now available on the website A longitudinal survey is fielded in the panel every year, consisting of a large number of questions concerning themes such as work, education, descent, income, political views, values and personality. After signing a statement concerning the use of the data, academic researchers can download the data directly, to be used at no cost. The LISS panel can furthermore be used to collect one’s own data. This is also cost-free for researchers at universities and scientific institutes. Researchers from the Netherlands and abroad are free to submit a survey proposal.

In the presentation of November 20th is explained how a proposal can be submitted and the use of the panel is illustrated with examples of scientific studies and experiments that have been carried out in the panel in the past year.

The LISS panel is specifically intended for scientific research. For this reason, the quality and the coverage of the sample is of prime concern. In most web interviews or online panels, people without an Internet connection are excluded from participation. Additionally, respondents are often directed towards a web-interview through an email invitation or website pop-up, which means that only the very motivated or interested individuals apply to participate. The LISS panel was established differently. First of all, a traditional random sample was drawn from the population registers, in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, CBS). This sample includes people without an Internet connection. Secondly, all people in the sample were approached in traditional ways (by letter, followed by telephone call or house visit) with an invitation to participate in the panel. Persons not included in the original sample cannot participate, so there can be no self-selection. People without a computer or Internet connection are provided with equipment to participate by CentERdata. The quality and representativeness of the panel are monitored jointly with CBS.

Day: Thursday 20 November 2008
Time: 12.15 – 13.15 hrs.
Location: AIAS, 3rd floor building M, Plantage Muidergracht 12
Enrol: Please send us an email. A sandwich will then be provided.

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