AIAS Lunch Seminar Melissa Imansoeradi / Marc van der Meer (AIAS) - 30 oktober 2008

Melissa Imansoeradi and Marc van der Meer (AIAS) will give a seminar in our AIAS lunch seminar series, with the title:

“Moroccan and Turkish caring and nursing staff in Amsterdam health care – a truly explorative pilot project to avoid a non-case”

The composition of the caring and nursing staff in Dutch health care is uneven in terms of their gender and ethnicity representation. In this presentation we report about the Amsterdam health care staff, where scarcity occurs due to ageing and growth of the labour force. The mismatch cannot be solved easily due to a discrepancy between qualified demand and unqualified supply of potential employees. Especially the low representation of Turkish and Moroccan women in the health care staff has served as a starting point for a pilot project that the Amsterdam political authorities in general and the Amsterdam hospital and nursing homes in particular are jointly conducting. The aims of the project include the selection and training of 90 new employees of this part of the Amsterdam population to fill some of the expected thousands of vacancies available in the years to come. In the presentation we sketch the background of the project and report about the first findings of some of the potential explanatory variables: preschool-selection, education, culture, religion and work practices. The material is based on 40 in-depth interviews with spokespersons of the Moroccan and Turkish community and representatives of hospitals and nursing homes.

A first provisional sketch of our results is attached.

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Day: Thursday 30 October 2008
Time: 12.15 – 13.15 hrs.
Location: AIAS, 3rd floor building M, Plantage Muidergracht 12
Enrol: Please send us an email. A sandwich will then be provided.
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