Hereunder you will find an overview of all AIAS fellows. Colleagues from inside and outside the University of Amsterdam who are not directly linked to AIAS but make an important contribution to her activities in the field of research and / or education.

Honorary fellows

Titles Name Organisation Department Email
Prof. dr Praag, van B.M.S. (Bernard) Universiteit van Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Business b.m.s.vanpraag@uva.nl
Dr Meer, van der M.J.S.M. Centre for Expertise in Vocational Education and Training (ecbo)   marc.vandermeer@ecbo.nl
Em. Prof. dr Visser, J. University of Amsterdam Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and AIAS jelle.Visser@uva.nl
Prof. dr Wilthagen, C.J.M. (Ton) Universiteit van Tilburg Faculteit der Rechtswetenschappen Wilthagen@uvt.nl
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