The researchers of AIAS study labour issues from different perspectives. This leads to a substantial enrichment and broadening of the research on the role and importance of labour in society. In the research programme, the objectives and topics of AIAS are described. On the page ‘projects’ all completed and ongoing projects of AIAS can be found.

AIAS focuses on:

  • To explore and explain the evolution of institutions and the mechanisms of institutional change and policy learning in labour markets, relations and organizations and social policy;
  • The research and explanations of the causes, consequences and the transfer of inequalities in formal and informal labour markets, especially in view of the role that institutions play;
  • The research and explanation of processes and effects of internationalization in labour and industrial relations, particularly with regard to the representation and participation of employees, the company’s management, social security and social dialogue.

These questions return in each of the three clusters in which AIAS research is currently classified. These clusters each focus on a different level of analysis, macro, meso and micro:

  • On the macro-level we study the benefits of, and differences between national systems and institutions, as well as the development of international and European institutions and systems.
  • The meso-level focuses on the behaviour and organization of companies and business networks, employers and employees, and the processes of negotiation, conflict and cooperation in their mutual relations.
  • On micro-level our research focuses on the processes of allocation, selection, pay and stratification in labour organizations and labour markets.

Within each of these clusters the research is both interdisciplinary and internationally oriented. In AIAS there is a cooperation between economists, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers and social doctors. Internationally we work together through various networks supported by EU funds.

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