Conference on social partners’ initiatives improving social rights at sector level

Brussels, 24 November 2014

International project BARSORIS: Bargaining for Social Rights at Sector Level
Project financed by EU, European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Social Dialogue, Industrial Relations (Agreement number. VS/2013/0403)

Project Management: University of Amsterdam (AIAS)
Coordinators: Prof. Dr. M. Keune and Dr. N. E. Ramos Martín

The final conference of the international research project BARSORIS: Bargaining for Social Rights at Sector Level will take place at the International Auditorium in Brussels on 24th November 2014. In this conference, the challenges faced by the social partners in improving the quality of work through social dialogue initiatives at sector level will be discussed. In this conference the results of the project BARSORIS, dealing with a comparative study of social partners’ experiences with improving the social rights of non-standard/vulnerable workers through collective bargaining and social dialogue in seven EU countries: Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom, will be presented. The main findings, lessons, and policy implications from the national reports focusing on four specific sectors: industrial cleaning, hospitals, construction, and temporary agency work, will be presented at this event. Also, the overall experiences of social partners in using collective bargaining and social dialogue to deal with the social rights of non-regular workers and the actions adopted to assure them decent working conditions will be discussed by speakers from both sides of the industries. Representatives of the social partners from the EU Member States will be invited, as well as officials of the EU institutions, European social partners and members of the EU sectoral committees.

For further information on this event, please contact Nuria Ramos Martin,

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