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GINI Discussion Paper Series (Klik op het plaatje voor de pdf)

Intermediate Report WP3
Drivers of Growing

Appendix to WP3

Intermediate Report WP4:
Social Impacts
of Inequalities

Intermediate Report WP5:
Political and Cultural
Impacts of Inequality

Intermediate Report WP 6:
Policy Analysis

Discussion Paper 71
Mapping and Measuring
the Distribution of
Household Wealth

Discussion Paper 70
Inequality and Poverty
in Boom and Bust:
Ireland as a
Case Study

Discussion Paper 69
Return to Education and
Income Inequality in
Europe and the US

Discussion Paper 68
Material Deprivation
in Europe

Discussion Paper 64
Cross-Temporal and
Cross-National Poverty
and Mortality Rates among
Developed Countries

Discussion Paper 61
Expansion of Schooling and
Educational Inequality in Europe:
Educational Kuznets
Curve Revisited

Discussion Paper 58
The effect of parental
wealth on children’s
outcomes in early

Discussion Paper 56
Mind the Gap: Net
Incomes of Minimum
Wage Workers in the
EU and the US

Discussion Paper 55
Struggle for Life:
Social Assistance Benefits,

Discussion Paper 53
The Redistributive
Capacity of Services
in the EU

Discussion Paper 51
In-Work Poverty

Discussion Paper 50
Child Poverty as a
Government Priority

Discussion Paper 49
The Fiscalization of
Child Benefits in
OECD Countries

Discussion Paper 48
Public Opinion on
Income Inequality in
20 Democracies

Discussion Paper 47
Support for Democracy
in Cross-National Perspective:
The Detrimental Effect
of Economic Inequality

Discussion Paper 46
Analysing Intergenerational
Influences on Income
Poverty and Economic
Vulnerability with EU-SILC

Discussion Paper 45
The Power of Networks
Individual and Contextual
Determinants of Mobilising
Social Networks for Help

Discussion Paper 44
Immigration and
Inequality in Europe

Discussion Paper 43
Educational Selectivity
and Preferences about
Education Spending

Discussion Paper 42
Housing Regimes and
Income Inequalities in
Western Europe

Discussion Paper 41
Home Ownership and
Income Inequalities
in Western Europe

Discussion Paper 40
Multidimensional Poverty
Measurement in Europe

Discussion Paper 39
Socioeconomic Gradient
in Health

Discussion Paper 38
Inequality and
Happiness: A Survey

Discussion Paper 37
Understanding Material
Deprivation in Europe:
A Multilevel Analysis

Discussion Paper 36
Material Deprivation,
Economic Stress and
Reference Groups
in Europe

Discussion Paper 34
Bounds of Unfair Inequality
of Opportunity: Theory
and Evidence for
Germany and the US

Discussion Paper 33
Income Inequality and
Solidarity in Europe

Discussion Paper 32
Income Inequality and
Access to Housing
in Europe

Discussion Paper 31
Economic Well-Being and
Distributional Effects of
Housing-Related Policies
in 3 European Countries

Discussion Paper 30
Stylized Facts on
Business Cycles
and Inequality

Discussion Paper 29
Imputed rent and
income re-ranking

Discussion Paper 28
The impact of indirect
taxes and imputed
rent on inequality

Discussion Paper 27
Recent trends in minimum
income protection for
Europe’s elderly

Discussion Paper 26
Endogenous Skill Biased
Technical Change

Discussion Paper 25
Is the “Neighbour’s”
Lawn Greener?

Discussion Paper 24
On Gender Gaps and
Self-Fulfilling Expectations

Discussion Paper 23
Automatic stabilizers,
economic crisis and income
distribution in Europe

Discussion Paper 22
Institutional reforms
and educational
attainment in Europe

Discussion Paper 21
Transfer Taxes
and Inequality

Discussion Paper 20
Does Income
Inequality Negatively
Affect General Trust?

Discussion Paper 19
The EU 2020
poverty target

Discussion Paper 18
The interplay between
economic inequality trends
and housing regime
changes in advanced
welfare democracies

Discussion Paper 17
Income Inequality, Value
Systems and Macroeconomic

Discussion Paper 16
Income inequality
and voter turnout

Discussion Paper 15
Can Higher
Employment Levels
Bring Down Poverty
in the EU?

Discussion Paper 14
Inequality and
backlash by
political parties

Discussion Paper 13
The social
stratification of
social risks

Discussion Paper 12
Factor Components
of Inequality

Discussion Paper 11
An analysis of
generational equity
over recent decades
in the OECD and UK

Discussion Paper 10
Who reaps the

Discussion Paper 9
Position Paper 1
Comparable Indicators
of Inequality Accross

Discussion Paper 8
The Ideological and
Political Roots of
American Inequality

Discussion Paper 7
Income Distributions,
Inequality Perceptions and
Redistributive Claims
in European Societies

Discussion Paper 6

Income Inequality
and Participation:
A Comparison of 24
European Countries

Discussion Paper 6
Income Inequality
and Participation:
A Comparison of 24
European Countries

Discussion Paper 5
Household Joblessness and
Its Impact on Poverty
and Deprivation in Europe

Discussion Paper 4
Inequality Decompositions

Discussion Paper 3
A New Dataset of
Educational Inequality

Discussion Paper 2
Are European Social
Safety Nets
Tight Enough?

Discussion Paper 1
Distributional Consequences of
Labor-Demand Adjustments
to a Downturn

Publicatieserie onderzoeksprogramma re-integratie verbeteronderzoek (RVO) (Klik op het plaatje voor de pdf)

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in de praktijk


‘Fit or Unfit’
Naar expliciete
re-integratie theorieën

Re-integratie van
allochtone vroegtijdige

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Geintegreerde dienstverlening
in de keten van
werk en inkomen


Resultaten projectgroep bij Solidar (voorgezeten door Jan Cremers) (Klik op het plaatje voor de pdf)

Report: Reframing
industrial relations

Briefing situation
Romania, Recruitment

Briefing situation
Italy, Combating

Briefing on the
in the Netherlands

Briefing situation
Italy, Making industrial
relations work

Briefing on the
in Lithuania

Briefing situation
in Estonia,
Young Workers

Briefing on the
in Denmark

Briefing situation

Briefing situation

Briefing situation
| More